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The big picture on access: Is it time for a policy?
Autotask offers a set of tools that allow you to ensure optimized collaboration across all levels within and outside the organization. A key part of this collaboration is the security features that permit you to create access settings for content, people and devices. These features are critical for maintaining security and protecting the integrity of confidential data.

The availability of these features is a great starting point for your organization to discuss broader policies for determining access.

When you adopt a File Sync & Share (FSS) solution, it’s a great opportunity to define internal policies about file access (who should see it), content (who can change it) and data integrity (from where can it be accessed). As your enterprise grows, the need for strict policy guidance to control your data will only become more important.

Author Josh Meade

Josh Meade

My name is Joshua Meade. I am the owner of Meade's PC Repair Shop based in Virginia along with a business over in the UK called Collowin Infrastructure Services | Collowin Ltd. I have owned Meade's PC Repair Shop since 2011. I went to Twin Valley High School

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