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Our Requirements

[/column] [/row] [row] [column md=”6″ lg=”6″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″] [ul] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]4-5 years of writing and editorial experience in technology.[/li] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Ability to work both independently.[/li] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Customer service experience at retail store.[/li] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Positive attitude and demonstrates passion for marketing.[/li] [/ul] [/column] [column md=”6″ lg=”6″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″] [ul] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Experience repairing smartphones.[/li] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair devices.[/li] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Strong customer service and consultative skills.[/li] [li class=”fa-circle-thin”]Experience repairing smartphones.[/li] [/ul] [/column] [/row] [/custom_div] [custom_div section=”color” title=”” desc=”” layout=”container” style=””] [row] [column md=”12″ lg=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″]

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    Do you want to repair your mobile phone?

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