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5 Reasons to Get Your Smartphone Screen Fixed Today

Although it would be ideal to always take perfect care of your smartphone and never drop it, cracked and damaged screens are bound to happen to us all at some point. Sometimes it may seem that if phone manufacturers make it easy for phone screens to crack just so you have to buy a new phone from them. But we have no control over the materials used to make these phones, and accidents do happen. Instead of waiting to get your new phone, why not just get the screen fixed? (Yes, that IS an option!)

1. Save money

The first and most obvious reason why you should have your phone screen fixed is that it is often less expensive than buying a whole new phone. While a new phone could cost you upwards of $500, you can typically get your screen fixed for around $100. With these savings, it’s worth getting the money together now to make the repair rather than wait for things to get worse. Even if it’s not currently in your budget, there are ways to secure money for emergency expenses.

2. No pain, big gain

Another great thing about getting your phone screen fixed on its own, is that the process is not time-consuming. Typically, private salespersons selling their services can fix your phone in about an hour. Or, you could order the parts online and fix it yourself in around the same amount of time, minus shipping. Either way, it is not very hard to do.

3. Adds value

Fixing your phone screen can add value. Usually if your phone breaks then your phone company will not take it back. This means you are stuck with the broken phone, even if you don’t want to use it anymore, you could always fix the screen and then sell it. If you are going to keep it anyway, you might as well invest a little bit of money into it and sell it for profit. Of course, if your contract with that particular model is up, some providers like AT&T allow you to upgrade with no extra charge if you have an existing plan with them.

4. Put your money where it actually counts

Do you really want to give even more money to the company who you already bought your expensive phone from? If you are mad at them for not making your phone screen strong enough, then you probably want to refrain from giving them any more money. This is another reason to have your screen fixed by someone other than the official company.

5. Personalize your phone

While you are opening up your phone and digging around, why not add some personalization? If you fix your screen on your own, you can do things like install a different color screen, or put special lights inside the phone. Either way, this can add a cool, personal new feel and look to your phone.

Dropping your phone on accident can leave you with your heart in your mouth, but if you do end up with a big crack or spiderweb, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to repair a broken phone and get it looking like new in no time. And don’t forget to add a screen protector this time!


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