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Is cyber security worth it?

Entrepreneurs, especially SME owners, often wonder if cyber security is worth their investment. The short answer is yes. Large-scale organizations aren’t the only ones who can benefit from protective networks and programs.

In fact, Small Business Trends warns that smaller enterprises are more attractive targets for cyber criminals because of their vulnerability. Schemes like phishing have become prevalent and hackers can gain access to valuable data, like credit card information. Cyber crimes are actually becoming more common because of the innovative tech we surround ourselves with. An overview by Maryville University on the current cyber security industry details that society is now “living in a data-driven world” which inevitably produces new security threats. As industries become more reliant on computerized processes like automation and analytics, it’s only logical to put up stronger security measures. And nowadays, this means investing in cyber security professionals who have the skillset to help you guard against any potential threats.

Getting started

That said, cyber security doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Simple measures can begin to protect your network against any future threats.

Software updates

The most basic cyber crime prevention that you can do without the help of a professional is keeping your software up to date. There’s a reason for its necessity aside from new app features. Next Advisor’s Michael Osakwe explains that software inherently come with bugs that might be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Being diligent with updating software makes it harder for hackers to exploit these weak points.

Two-factor authentication

(Image: Pexels)

As explained by Tomáš Foltýn in a previous blog post, it’s alarming that only four in ten businesses use multi-factor authentication. If you ever purchased anything online with a credit card, you’ve probably had to input a one-time pin for verification. This is a form of two-factor authentication—a simple yet highly effective cyber security measure. Having just one password is no longer sufficient against attacks, as Tech Crunch details that it can easily be copied by malware in your device.

For instance, a hacker can steal the payment information of your clients and use them for online purchases. But two-factor authentication sends codes directly to the owner’s contact number, which they don’t have access to. In this case, they won’t be able to verify their identity and use those details successfully.


A firewall is essentially a software or firmware that regulates the entry or exit of data from networks. It prevents hackers from extracting valuable company information like financial data, and it also stops employees from leaking information. Because setting up a firewall requires technical knowledge, here on Meade’s PC Repair Shop we recommend hiring professionals to install this particular security measure.

If you’re serious about increasing cyber security for your business, it’s not enough to just have these types of processes. There are a lot of cases when an employee mishandles data or opens unsafe emails by mistake, so you also have to ensure that your employees are well versed in cyber security. On top of that, always back-up critical data so that it can be recovered in case of an attack. For more advanced cyber security measures, it’s always best to consult with professionals.

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