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How Can I Use Technology to Protect My Children in 2020?

Technology has provided us with plenty of advantages, and it has become incredibly commonplace in life. In fact, 96% of Americans own some kind of cellphone. However, it can be an extremely risky and dangerous tool for children and unsuspecting teens. Knowing how to protect your children in 2020 is a way to feel confident and secure with your children’s inevitable knowledge and use of technology.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

You don’t want just anyone to get into your digital things. Use two-factor authentication with all of your online accounts. Two-factor authentication requires you to complete more than one task in order to access or recover online profiles. With two-factor authentication in place, you can protect the accounts of your children, preventing hackers or predators from gaining access to their private and personal information.

Discuss the Risks and Warnings of Technology With Your Children

It’s important to have a conversation with your children about the potential risks of technology. It’s especially important because the internet is accessed by predators and other dangerous individuals. It is also important to keep an open, honest, and ongoing dialogue with your children about apps, websites, and other services they use online to chat with friends and even strangers. The more comfortable your child feels coming to you about his or her online activity and encounters, the less likely he or she is to hide potentially nefarious encounters he or she has experienced with you. Trust is a key element for you and your kids and their internet usage.

Look Up Criminal Records

When you want to protect your children, it is important to get to know your neighbors and those who live around you. Looking up criminal records in your city and state is free and can be done within minutes online. Most serious crime allegations will be stored in an online criminal database. Alleged crimes may also occur, depending on the seriousness of the crime and whether or not it was a recent incident that occurred.

Set Rules and Monitor Internet Activity

Setting rules for your children when it comes to screen time or using technology does not have to feel stressful or overwhelming. It also does not mean that your child should be left alone while using tech at all times. Simply setting the ground rules in place and limiting your child to an hour to two hours each day is a way to enforce strict monitoring. Use applications to set timers on your internet. When the time is up, the Wi-Fi will shut off or your child will be locked out of the app they’re using. This can be helpful for both children and teenagers.

The internet is a vast, and sometimes scary place. Knowing how to use technology to protect your children in 2020 does not have to feel daunting or confusing. With open dialogue and a basic understanding of popular websites and apps, you can help your children to navigate the world of the internet while alleviating your own stress and worry.

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