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Think you have a tracker on your phone? Learn how to make your device more resilient

by Lysa Myers via WeLiveSecurity 6 Feb 2018 – 11:56AM If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’re hoping for quick tips on what to do if you suspect there’s spyware or a tracker on your phone. If tha

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Don’t allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Yes, you do.

    Don’t allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Yes, you do.   It is most likely your company allows some or all your employees to use their own devices in lieu of work-issued laptops, tablets and mobile devices. There is

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The big picture on access: Is it time for a policy?

    The big picture on access: Is it time for a policy?   Autotask offers a set of tools that allow you to ensure optimized collaboration across all levels within and outside the organization. A key part of this collaborat

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Tricks that cybercriminals use to hide in your phone

by Denise Giusto Bilić via WeLiveSecurity 16 Mar 2018 – 10:55AM Malware in the official Google store never stops appearing. For cybercriminals, sneaking their malicious applications into the marketplace of genuine apps

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BYOD: What is it, and why do it?

    BYOD: What is it, and why do it?   BYOD refers to “bring your own device” — a business environment where employees of an organization are permitted to use their own laptops, tablets and other mobile devices in li

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One-third of organizations sacrifice mobile security for business performance

by Tomáš Foltýn via WeLiveSecurity 27 Feb 2018 – 11:21AM Organizations are aware of the “serious and growing security threat” that mobile devices present in business, and yet many of them admit that they’re not

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Use FSS as a Good Branding Opportunity

    Use FSS as a Good Branding Opportunity   Are you letting your employees use any file sharing solution they want? Are they collaborating with clients over different platforms? Sharing files via email, text and consumer-

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End Version Control Nightmares

    End Version Control Nightmares   Did you send out a Word document for a client or colleague to review today? If you answered yes, here are four reasons to stop doing this: Time delays – Edits cannot happen in rea

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Does two-factor identification matter for file sharing?

    Does two-factor authentication matter for file sharing?   Today, let’s look at two-factor authentication and its value in protecting your file sharing efforts. First, what is it? Two-factor authentication requires tw

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